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Hands-on development and learning are at the forefront of education. From childcare and early learning centers to colleges and universities, immersive experiences with a whole-child focus are gaining popularity and encouraging lifelong learning. Green Space is taking classroom learning outside, literally, with our innovative, custom-built Nature Playgrounds. Children can enjoy full-body play while learning, exploring, and expanding their imaginations.

Nature Playground Packages
Green Space Learning offers multiple Nature Playground Packages to uniquely fit your childcare or early learning center. Packages are designed for a range of ages from infant and toddler to 2-years-old and up. Each package is designed with age-appropriate structures and can fit seamlessly into the existing landscape of your space. Let’s explore more of what our Nature Playground Packages include.

Infant & Toddler Play+Place Nature Set
Our Play+Place Nature Set designed for infants and toddlers offers hands-on outdoor exploration. Each element is safe for small children and low enough to the ground to not need safety material below. This set includes an age-accessible cedar planter box, and a cedar floating walkway bridge. The set is also outfitted with sensorial and child-friendly shrubbery, large river boulders, stumps, and logs for added full-bodied play.

Our Infant & Toddler Play+Place Nature Set does more than just provide a fun outdoor environment to play on. We see improved relationship skills as infants and toddlers navigate the nature playground. Learning outdoors in nature supports social-emotional well-being as well as children’s social skills.

Enhanced Infant & Toddler Play+Place Nature Set
Provide more active learning with our enhanced nature set for infants and toddlers. This set allows for big, full-bodied play on a smaller budget. Select three enhanced features from options including Pikler Triangle and Plank, Sensory Walk, Busy Board, and more. Increasing variety in outdoor spaces increases variety in active play.

2+ Years Place+Play Set
Nature Playground Packages for older children include a variety of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a set to coincide with your center’s focus, like art, or just looking for a set that is totally unique, our six different set options are the way to go. Nature play for this age range does wonders for development. We see more impulse control and less disruptive behaviors. Nature-based learning is associated with reduced aggression and fewer discipline problems. Each set provides a focused and engaging outdoor area for children 2-years and older.

Place+Play Set Options and Enhancements
Our six different sets are unique and focus on educational and developmentally-engaging activities. Let’s look at what each set includes in detail:

  • Dramatic — Cedar Play Hut, 6ft x 6ft Floating Stage, Stump Seating, Tree Cookies, Imagination Fabric, and Wooden Clamps
  • Sensory — Single-Bin Discovery Table, Tree Cookies, Small Natural Loose Parts, Wood Blocks, and a Large Storage Bin (Fits Under The Discovery Table)
  • Creative — Mounted Easel and Magnetic Rail (Free-Standing Easel Substitution If Required), 4ft x 4ft Wooden Table, Two Stump Seats, and Brush or Art Supply Cups
  • STEAM —  2ft x 5ft Tinker Table, Children’s Tools (Hammers, Levels, Magnifying Glass, Goggles), Tree Cookies, Wooden Blocks, and a Long Storage Bin
  • Loose Parts — Two Large Boulders, Large Loose Parts, Two Metal Storage Bins, Large Bordered Area with Center Stump, Barrier Logs, and Mulch
  • Water — Free-Standing 2-Tiered Water Sluice, Children’s Water Tools (Cups, Spoons, Whisks), Long Storage Bin, and Two Stump Seats

Each of our six 2+ Years Play+Play Set options can be enhanced, as well. Add the perfect natural finishes to your set with elements including sensorial and child-friendly plantings, logs, stumps, and boulders for climbing and added exploration.

Additional Nature Playground Offerings
Promote cooperation and negotiation to strengthen the link between play and learning at your childcare or early learning center with our Play Hardscapes. Children will love exploring rock and sand pits, dry creek beds, and more. A collaborative area is created with boulders, logs, and stumps for children to gather and use as a space for collaboration as well as climb on and explore. Three walkway bridges and hardscapes of your choice are included to encourage imagination.

Enhance your outdoor space with nature. Exploration and discovery through outdoor experiences invite greater engagement and enthusiasm for learning. Our Nature Enhancement package enriches your play space with sensorial and child-friendly plants and herbs nestled inside garden boxes. A dedicated meeting and exploration space is added, boulders and logs add climbing elements while a fairy garden encourages the imagination.

Green Space has developed a play structure to blend seamlessly into the landscape and provide a safe play area. Our Hill+Slide package encourages a child’s resilience. A hill is landscaped to stimulate motor skills, and an age-appropriate slide rests on the hillside and attaches to a platform and hanging bar. Natural areas enhance feelings of competence and increase supportive social relationships that allow children to take healthy risks. A “Use Zone” is designated with logs, stumps, and Wood Fiber fill. The hillside is finished with grass sod for a soft play space.

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Green Space provides unique Nature Playgrounds. Your children will love spending time playing outside while learning valuable life skills. Our focus is to champion the full expression of childhood and nature play is a way to provide that expression in a fun and engaging way by reducing aggression, improving social skills, and allowing for full-bodied play. Let your children get outdoors with a new Nature Playground from Green Space. Contact us today to schedule your own consultation and utilize your 2022 Texas Childcare Relief Fund allocation.

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