In-Person & Live Virtual Training

Green Space Learning offers

2-hour, half day or full day training sessions.

Teachers come away from our training energized and renewed with ideas and real-life examples to implement immediately in their classrooms.

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Client Favorites

Responding to Childhood Behaviors

Focused on dismantling common belief systems and bias surrounding behaviors in young children. Learn strategies to establish respectful interactions between caregiver and child to build connection through interactions that build trust. 

A Natural Childhood: Learning and Growing in Nature

A thought-provoking look at why nature play is crucial to overall development, health, and wellness for young children. Participants will gain ideas for nature-inspired learning opportunities.


A big-picture view of social-emotional development. New and experienced teachers gain perspective and skills to address behaviors with more patience, ease, and understanding for developmentally typical behavior and how to react with more confidence.

Emergent and Play Based Planning

Your go-to curriculum implementation course. We know that best practice in early childhood curriculum is PLAY (backed by research over and over again.) Learn how to support playful learning, educate parents, and staff members on the importance of staying play based. 

Engaging Environments Indoors & Outdoors

A long-time teacher favorite! Teachers learn how to create environments for children that make everyone’s days more peaceful and joyful.

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