Supporting (and Keeping) a Great Teaching Team

May 30, 2022 | 0 comments

How to nurture and keep your best teachers.

Providing high-quality training for your teachers, both new and experienced, is always worth it. It shows teachers that you value their work, their time, and their professional growth. It’s a simple and powerful way to effect change in your center, improve teacher retention, and improve learning outcomes.

  • Improve staff retention

Many millennials and Gen Z teachers are motivated by opportunities to expand their skills and find their dream job. Providing high-quality professional growth opportunities to these generations is crucial for staff retention. It means they’ll feel continually challenged and inspired to keep growing their teaching skills.

  • Foster a positive work culture

Meaningful work and a positive team culture are a high priority for employees. Teams that support and grow together, stay together. Nurturing the work culture in your center can make a huge impact on how teachers feel about working in your program.

  • Reduce disruptive behavior

Providing positive behavior guidance training is an effective way to reduce referrals for student misbehavior and positively impact student achievement. Creating more peaceful classrooms means teachers feel more confident, and can face challenges with more ease and understanding for the children they care for. This is then reflected in the children who feel respected, appreciated and guided in ways that support their learning and growth.

  • Grow your leadership skills

Leadership training & coaching help directors maintain a profitable and fulfilling business. Training supports all areas including curriculum development, business strategies and in planning indoor and outdoor environments.

High-quality teacher training should be intentional, with a clear purpose. Trainers should be highly qualified and have classroom experience themselves. The best training is engaging and relevant to the needs of teachers – providing information they can immediately put into practice

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Green Space Trainers are TECPEDS Registered trainers with decades of experience in classrooms, playgrounds, and leading training. We deliver intentional and engaging training with real-life guidance teachers can put into action right away.

Green Space Training Options

Inservice Courses
Inclusion strategies for challenging behaviors Curriculum implementation Team building Learning environments Social-emotional development

Pre-service training
Complete pre-service training for newly hired teachers, covering all Texas-mandated areas of instruction.

CDA Program
Online program for teachers and directors nationwide to earn their Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.

Director track
Our leadership courses coach directors on how to create positive work environments and successful businesses.

Challenging Behaviors Program
Funded by a grant from the Texas Workforce Commission, this free in-person and online training helps Texas early childhood educators better address challenging behaviors.

Green Space Learning’s Flexible Scheduling
We offer 2 hour, half day or full day sessions. Click here to reserve your training date.

Our online training. includes 50+ courses available for just $150 per year subscription. We offer multiple course formats and self-paced courses.

Online Training courses are now available!

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