Inservice Training That Sticks

Sep 2, 2022

This year, let’s challenge how things have “always been done.”

How long has it been since your team was truly intentional about …

classroom organization & materials,
teacher-child interactions,
behavior management,
and even how you communicate?

Engaging content
Your team deserves inservice that is engaging, meaningful and impactful, and maximizes the limited hours they are available for training.

At Green Space, we know how to pack those hours with valuable training that sticks with teachers all year long. We provide actionable steps they can implement right away and knowledge that lasts throughout their career.

Our courses are designed to be relevant to today’s teachers. We intentionally develop our courses so your team can immediately apply what they learn to their own teaching. Teachers come away from our training energized and renewed with ideas and real-life examples to start the fall refreshed and excited about teaching again.

Experienced trainers
Our team of professional development trainers are all experts in early childhood development. They’re former teachers, center directors and professional speakers who understand the challenges early childhood educators face and have real-world experience putting ideas into action.

We can bring our trainers to you or we can provide virtual training. And we can customize your training to 2 hour, half day or full day sessions.

Our core courses
Green Space Learning’s 5 Core Inservice Courses cover each area your teachers need:

No Justice in Preschool is focused on inclusion strategies for challenging behaviors. Understanding the teacher’s role in the classroom as the guide, not law enforcement, is a shift that relieves teachers and supports children’s learning.

Staying Play-based in the Readiness World is your go-to curriculum implementation course. We know that best practice in early childhood curriculum is PLAY (backed by research over and over again.) Learn how to support playful learning, and educate parents and staff members on the importance of staying play-based.

Authentic Communication is crucial for building your dream teaching team. This team building course goes in-depth to make sure your team communicates authentically and professionally.

Engaging Environments Indoors & Outdoors is a long time teacher favorite! Teachers learn how to create environments for children that makes everyone’s days more peaceful and joyful.

Brain-Body-Behavior provides a big-picture view of social-emotional development. New and experienced teachers gain perspective and skills to address behaviors with more patience, ease and understanding for developmentally typical behavior and how to react with more confidence.

Re-igniting the joy of teaching

Our goal is to help teachers find renewed joy and be empowered to take action with their own education.

Intentionality is crucial in education, and when training keeps teachers engaged, they’re more motivated to learn and later apply the skills and knowledge.

Plus, investing in your teachers helps them feel valued and engaged – which helps you retain your awesome teachers.

Renew your teachers’ passion, intentionality and joy for teaching this year with your best inservice yet.

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