Hand Pump and Reservoir

Elevate your creek bed or water courses with a Bison hand pump! This feature is outfitted with a reservoir and anchored pump box. Child-accessible water through the reservoir with a basic garden hose attachment for simple and easy use. Simply fill and let them enjoy! Gross motor work with sensory, as well as moderating water flow and usage with a teacher-filled reservoir.

The Hand Pump is 12 inches long x 5 inches wide and 18 inches high, installed on top of the anchored pump box containing the reservoir (16”x18”x16”). The Bison Hand Pump is made of stainless steel. The anchored pump box is made of pressure-treated pine, concrete anchored in your desired location.

Installation included. Green Space will reach out to schedule. Due to the hand pumps’ delivery time, the installation lead time is 2-4 weeks.


Have a question? Tax-exempt? Call or text Mackenzie at 817-859-6040.

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