Infant Treasure Basket Set

Infants and toddlers learn as they play, and these materials were selected carefully to engage all of the senses. Infants can safely explore these materials that contain items in a variety of weights, materials, densities, and textures – a sensory experience in every basket. Baskets can be rotated weekly to continuously engage infants and toddlers with safe and interesting items.

This beautiful set of 4 treasure baskets is curated with this stage of development in mind. Each sensory-rich basket contains 10 or more interesting and unique objects to discover. With each set, you will receive a Red Basket, Sensory Basket, Reflective Basket, and Wood Treasures Basket.

Includes: 4 Infant Treasure Sets (Red, Sensory, Reflective, and Wood)
Red Set: (1) Cotton Rope Basket, (1) Red Plaid Canning Ring, (1) Crimson Rainbow Teether Ring, (1) Red Ramiken, (1) Red Doilie, (1) Red Silicone Lid, (1) Red Fabric Square, (1) Red Silicone Spatula, (1) Red Rice Spoon, (1) Rose Gold Coffee Scoop, (1) Acrylic Ring
Sensory Set: (1) Cotton Rope Basket, (1) Jute Ball, (1) Round Brush, (1) Flannel Square (mixed colors), (1) Silicone Scrubber (mixed colors), (1) Wooden Peg Doll, (1) Scallop Shell, (1) Macrame Braided Ring, (1) Natural Sponge Slice, (1) Fluffy Ball (mixed colors), (1) Acrylic Ring
Reflective Set: (1) Cotton Rope Basket, (1) Mini Circle Cake Pan, (1) Terry Tamper, (1) Spring Wire Egg Cup, (1) Silver Canning Ring, (1) Metal Shell, (1) Stainless Steel Ramiken, (1) Soup Spoon, (2) Mini Ladles, (1) Olive Ladle, (1) Mini Whisk
Wood Set: (1) Cotton Rope Basket, (1) Wood Ladle, (1) Wood Button, (1) Ring Brush, (1) Wood Egg Shaker, (1) Wood Peg Doll, (2) Small Wooden Bowls, (1) Solid Wood Egg, (1) Teething Ring, (2) Bamboo Coasters


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