Welcome to Green Space

Inspired by Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies, Green Space Learning creates innovative learning environments, provides professional development, and offers consulting services to programs and schools.

We’ve spent decades in early childhood classrooms, on playgrounds and in programs working with young children and families. We understand the unique challenges, regulations, best practices, and the impact great programs have on families and communities

Our responsibilities as early childhood professionals are to provide rich, intentionally curated environments and the time for children to play, execute and explore their unique ideas.

Our Services

Professional Development

In-Person and Online

Inservice, Director and Preservice Training

Child Development Associate® (CDA) Course

Natural Playgrounds

Green Space Learning provides custom designed, high-quality, innovative outdoor environments for young children. 

With a focus on safety and usability, our spaces are easy to maintain and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Early Childhood Center

Green Space Learning’s infant and toddler programs are based on the RIE® approach to childcare, where infants and toddlers are respected as capable individuals.

Trust, observation, a safe and engaging environment, consistency, and ample time for uninterrupted play are the core of our program, following the RIE® basic principles.

Nature Preschool

A nature preschool and kindergarten in Fort Worth, owned and operated by Green Space Learning, for children ages 3 – 6.

With the majority of the day spent outdoors, our approach is student-centered and constructivist, emphasizing self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments

A child-guided curriculum allows each child to explore their own interests and ideas, create their own plans and projects, and develop confidence in themselves and respect for the natural world.

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