Now enrolling for Spring!

We’re excited to meet you, here’s how enrollment works:

1. Complete Interest Form

The interest form is available to complete online here.  Once you submit, we’ll be in touch! 

2. Schedule your visit

Please email us at ecc@greenspacetx.com to schedule a visit of our school. Visits are held Monday-Friday 9:30-10:30 am.

3. Complete the application

Complete the online application and submit with the $200 application fee. Once the application is accepted we meet with families to strategize goals for the upcoming year and how to prepare for their child’s first day.

What is Emergent Curriculum?

Our professional development trainers are all experts in early childhood. They’re former teachers, center directors and professional speakers who understand the challenges early childhood educators face and have real-world experience putting ideas into action.

Emergent Curriculum

Our curriculum stems from the interests and skills of the individual child. We create experiences based on talking with children and families and what we know to be interesting to young children. Our open-ended and hand’s on activities act as a jumping off point for the child that they can then use to construct their own knowledge.  


Working on long-term, in-depth projects provides a thorough study of concepts and ideas. Our teachers act as advisors while the children are the architects. Projects may last a week or two or the entire school year.


Representational Development

Ideas are presented in multiple forms – print, art, music, movement, etc. – to ensure that all children have the chance to understand and connect with explored concept. It isn’t how smart is the child, but rather how is this child smart.


To strengthen and practice key cognitive skills such as communication, critical thinking, negotiation, and initiative, children are given multiple opportunities to work in small and large groups. Each child is given a voice in order to promote balance between a sense of belonging to the group and a sense of self. 

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